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A Guide To Certified Organic Skin Care Products

A Guide To Certified Organic Skin Care Products

If you’re the type of person that buys everything organic, you have probably already considered using, or are currently using, organic skin Care Products. Like many others, you may believe that any skin care product labeled ‘organic’ qualifies as such. This same principle applies to ‘organic’ foods at the grocery store as well, correct? Well, unfortunately that is not always the case. The following is a guide to use when shopping for products related to certified organic skin care.

Government Regulations

Currently, the state and government only have several regulations in place regarding organic products. While certain places have some regulations, very few have concrete rules and laws applied to organic issues. By simply being in line with several guidelines, almost anyone can claim that what they have is organic.

For instance, if a farmer feeds his chickens organic food, he can say that his chicken is organic. Though, the farmer probably won’t mention that he raised his chickens in cages that are 1×1 in size. Just as you might think you are getting organic food, you would probably believe that you’re skin care products are organic. However, if the label does not have certified organic skin care on it, then the product is probably not much better than those that don’t claim to be organic or natural at all.

Know What You Are Getting

Knowing exactly what you’re getting is the only way for sure to know that you are getting a certified organic skin care product. When looking at the list of ingredients on the product, your head may begin to spin because there can be so many. Sorting through all the ingredients and understanding each one can be a challenge.

However, taking the time to do so will ensure that you are getting a certified organic skin care product. You may not even to be able to pronounce some of the ingredients, but they very well could be organic. Therefore, if you aren’t sure which ingredients are or aren’t organic, you will have to do some research before you purchase any skin care products.

Making Compromises

Certified organic skin care products don’t always come cheap. As a matter of fact, many people may not even be able to afford them. All-natural products are an alternative if they are not affordable to you, but yet you still want what’s best for your skin and the environment.

Another alternative might be products that claim not to have been tested on animals. While neither of these products aren’t certified organically, they will probably still be better for the environment and of course you in the long term.

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